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Grass-Dracaena Spike Cordyline indivisa

Bronze Spikes

Commonly referred to as “Spikes”.  This ornamental grass was formerly a house plant, but has become widely used as an annual in containers and in landscaping mixed with colorful bedding plants. It may be moved indoors during the Winter months and put back out in the Spring. It has distinctively long spiky bronze foliage that makes a fan of green as it grows. Spikes will be approximately 12-18” when delivered to you but may grow up to 3-6’ tall. Not to worry, it takes years to reach those heights! They are fantastic in containers behind glorious mounds of color or as a center, surrounded by color.  Whatever your choice, this plant is very easy to please.


24 Inches



28-36 Inches

Homeowner Growing
& Maintenance Tips

Draecaena Spikes tolerate up to drought conditions with all degrees of sun being acceptable as well. It prefers to be in moist, well-drained soil with moderate sun. If in its own container, please fertilize monthly for maximum growth results. 



Interesting Notes

  • Perfect for Spring, Summer and Fall landscape
  • Tall vivid green foliage to frame beds and containers
  • Move indoors for the Winter months
  • Heat and light tolerant


USDA Hardiness Zone 4-11

Great Companions

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Characteristics & Attributes

Great Foliage
Border or Bed
Drought Tolerant
Focal Point
Purchase Size(s):
1801 (4")
Partial Shade
Foliage Color
Soil Moisture Preference
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