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Herb Basil Ocimum basilicum 'Lemon'


Lemon Basil is an herb grown primarily for its strong lemon scent. It grows 12-18” tall with white flowers in late summer to early fall. It is a bushy plant with ovate, glossy, bright green leaves often with toothed edged 2" long pointed lemon-scented leaves. The leaves are similar to other basil leaves but tend to be narrower. Full sun and regular watering is regimented for healthy plants. It is actually quite hardy for an annual. Flavor will be at risk if not given any fertilizer. The only pointer to remember about watering is it should be watered whenever the topmost part of the soil is dry. At this time the plant will wilt but will be back to normal once watered. Basil should never reach flowering during the harvesting periods. If given a chance to flower, its flavor will be sacrificed and the leaves become smaller and rather leathery. Once the flower clusters form, they should be removed so that the plant will continue its vegetative growth, harvesting once a week for each plant will make it bushy due to the side shoots that will develop.


12-18 Inches



8-10 Inches


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