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Vegetable Pepper 'Hungarian Hot Wax (Hot Banana)'

Hot Specialty Pepper

You do not have to be from Hungary to enjoy a Hungarian Hot pepper, which is spicy but not too hot. This Banana pepper look-a-like is a medium sized, waxy, yellow perennial averaging 6-8” long.  Its best flavor is found when eaten in its ripe yellow state. The “wax” in its name is in reference to the slightly waxy texture of the rind of its paper. Do not be afraid to eat it though, as this rind is surprisingly flavorful. Throw some fresh Hungarian peppers in salads and marinades or even mix them up into some appetizers and garnishes. Hungarian hot pepper plants will grow about 18” tall. They prefer heat, but will grow well in cool climates in the garden or in a container. Other enticing conditions for this hot pepper include well drained soil and protection from temperature fluctuations and wind. It is also known as the hot yellow pepper or hot wax pepper.  

70-75 days to maturity


18-24 Inches



12-18 Inches


Interesting Notes

Hungarians have a medium heat and rate around 5,000-10,000 Scoville Units.

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