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Vegetable Pepper 'Serrano'

Hot Chili Pepper

Feeling spicy? Known for being five times hotter than the Jalapeno pepper, the Serrano pepper is perfect for adding some heat to your salsa. This perennial pepper grows about 1½-2” long with an elongated cylinder, a blunt end, and is bright red to green. Serrano peppers have thin walls, so avoid those that are soft, bruised or have wrinkled skin. Just as you would any hot pepper, use caution when handling Serranos because they can easily irritate your skin and eyes. You should store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.  Avoid freezing if you want to retain their distinct flavor and heat. The Serrano pepper plant grows 24-36” tall and should be watered occasionally, but be careful not to overwater. They are good for late planting and they tolerate hot, dry weather well. 

75-80 days to maturity 


24-36 Inches


Interesting Notes

The Serrano Pepper hits between 8,000 and 22,000 on the Scoville Scale. 

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