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Vegetable Tomato 'Patio'

Photo courtesy of Ball Seed.

Slicing Tomato

The Patio Tomato was the original container tomato, so if room is an issue for you then look no farther. The Patio is a firm, crack-resistant 4 oz round red tomato. This plant has a large yield with fruit that is smaller than other tomatoes but provides the same great juicy-sweet taste. The trick you need to remember with patio tomatoes is to plant them in full sun. Plus, your container should not be smaller then 5 gallons. If your pot has no drain hole in the bottom, you can add them yourself or just add some gravel to the bottom before you add your soil. You need to keep them moist and then every time you want a tomato to slice, they’ll be available on your patio.

It is resistant to Alternaria stem canker, fusarium wilt and grey leaf spot.

70 days to maturity 


2 Feet


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Great Companions

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1801 (4")
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