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Herb Mint Mentha piperita 'Orange'


Mint is an accent herb used for its culinary, medicinal, and aromatic properties. Orange Mint is a delicious herb plant perfect for summer drinks and fruit salads. Orange Mint is quite an easy perennial to grow. It has green, branching stems tinged with red that reach 2’ high. The leaves are round to oval, smooth and dark green with a red edge with a very fragrant, citrus-like scent. This mint has white and pink flowers in short spikes that bloom in mid to late summer. It will readily make itself at home in full sun and moist soil. Most gardeners do not have any trouble growing it but have trouble containing it which makes this plant great for container gardening. Mint is very hardy and can be harvested as soon as new growth appears in the spring. Young new growth is the most fragrant and flavorful but all leaves are edible. Orange Mint can be used to attract butterflies and it can also make an excellent aromatic groundcover or border. It works well as a foliage background and can be planted at the rear of a bed to make it look more full and lush offsetting flowers planted in the front.


24 Inches



18-24 Inches


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