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Vegetable Tomato 'Grape'

Small-Fruited Tomato

The Grape Tomato has become the most popular variety of tomato, despite only arriving to the market in the late 90’s. What makes these oblong plum tomatoes so great is their small size and that they are sweeter than Cherry tomatoes. This makes them  perfect for a fast snack or finger food and they are kid friendly (less mess with no squirt factor). Plant your Grape Tomato plant in full sun and give it a deep watering over frequent light waterings. They grow in long grape-like clusters. You should pick them when they are pink to red and they will last for about 2 weeks, considering you don’t eat them first!

It is resistant to grey leaf spot and late blight. 

60-65 days to maturity


6-8 Feet


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Great Companions

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